The Total Source

Founded in 1980, Berjaya Steel Product Sdn. Bhd. has become the total source manufacturer for quality commercial foodservice equipment and commercial refrigerator. Our broad product line, technical support, customer services professional as well as manufacturing facilities position us to be your “One Stop Shopping” of quality commercial foodservice equipment and commercial refrigeration. Whatever you need, Berjaya Steel Product Sdn. Bhd. is the only number in the equipment world you need to know.

Customer Satisfaction

Berjaya Steel Product Sdn. Bhd. is committed towards total customer satisfaction by ensuring that only quality products and good service are delivered to customer. The company believes in providing a complete and comprehensive solution to meet kitchen and refrigerator requirements in the food service industry. By maintaining consistent quality, BERJAYA is now an export market has since expanded beyond 40 countries.

Excelling In Quality

In the pursuit of excellence, Berjaya Steel Product Sdn. Bhd. has committed its management system to the ISO 9001 : 2000 Certification.

Most of BERJAYA electrical products are recognized as IEC standard ( International Electrotechnical Commission Standard ) and gas products are ANSI standard (American National Standards Institute) approved by SIRIM ( Standard and Industrial Research Institute Of Malaysia ). Some with CE marking.

The company facilities include :-

(A) General
CNC Turret Punch Machine - 2 units
Laser Cutting Machine
Hydraulic Deep Drawing Machine - 5 units
Plastic Profile Extrusion Line
Stainless steel pipe forming line
In house stainless steel servicing center
(B) Refrigeration
Automatic vacuum and charging equipment.
Refrigerator functional testing system
Automatic Cabinet Foaming Line
Testing Chamber
(C) Gas Equipment
Gas Pressure Regulating Equipment
Btu/hr ( mJ/hr ) measuring equipment
Carbon Monoxide Measuring Equipment
Natural Gas Forming Equipment
(D) Electrical Equipment
Wattage, Insulation Resistance, High Voltage Tester
Frequency Converter ( 50Hz / 60Hz )
Chronological Events

Our Production Factory
Land Area: 11 acre (4.55 hectare)
Manufacturing Area: 15 acre (6.25 hectare)
(Double Stories)

Chronological Events
The company was founded as a cottage industry, fabricating stainless steel kitchen equipments
Started to manufacture commercial foodservice equipment
The factory was relocated to a modernized building with factory land of 3.3 acres ( 1.35 hectare )
Export Department was founded
Acquired ISO9002 quality management certification
Started manufacturing commercial refrigeration
Sirim ( Standard International Research Institute of Malaysia ) Certification were granted to most products.
An extra factory of 2.2 acres ( 0.9 hectare ) was acquired and manufacturing facilities were upgraded, with total factory manufacturing space of 5.5 acres ( 2.25 hectare )
Company quality management was upgraded from ISO 9002 to ISO9001:2000
First company in Malaysia to acquire Sirim ( Standard International Research Institute of Malaysia ) for commercial refrigeration
An additional double stories 2.2 acres ( 0.9 hectare ) factory is completed
The total factory area is 3.28 hectare and manufacturing area is 4.9 hectare ( 12.00
CE Marking is approved for some products
The largest manufacturer & exporter for commercial foodservice equipment & commercial refrigerator in Malaysia
The successful conversion from traditional manufacturing process into conveyor system, the production capacity double.