Product Name: Island Freezer (Combined Option - End Piece) - BJY-IFGD-600L

The island freezer is a popular chest freezer & chiller that is ideal for large volume sales of frozen food principally island freezers with combined option are usually associated with the sale of ice cream, however, these island freezers can be used to display and sell a wide range of products including farm produce, ready meals, or even bags of ice.

Easy opening & closing, island freezers are ideal for frozen food centres as they can have a sliding lid or open-top access giving excellent display to large volumes of frozen food.

  • Static System
  • Free CFC Polyurethane Insulation
  • Internal: Prepainted Aluminium
  • External: Prepainted Steel
  • Removable & Replaceable Gasket


Temperature°C (celsius)≤ -18°C≤ -18°C≤ -18°C
External Dimension (mm)1870 x 875 x 8352115 x 875 x 8352502 x 875 x 835
Packing Dimension (mm)1970 x 976 x 10172215 x 976 x 10172602 x 976 x 1017
Storage Capacity (Litre)600/430700/550850/700
Basket / ShelvingBasket/4Basket/5Basket/5
Compressor (hp)7/87/81
Compressor Input Power (Watt)570570690
Power (V/Hz)220V / 50Hz220V / 50Hz220V / 50Hz
Refrigerant TypeR404aR404aR404a
Net Weight141152178
Unit For 20ft Container12128
Unit For 40ft Container333324